Deities of Nosgoth

Nosgoth’s deities

Greater Deity:
The Creator – N Creator Deity

Intermediate Deities (also known as the New Gods):
The Builder – LN God of Civilisation, Artifice and Law
The Trickster – CN God of Nature, Growth and Chaos

Lesser Deities (also known as the Old Gods):
Persephone – LG Goddess of Agriculture, Life and Justice
Geb – NG God of the Earth, Stability and Peace
Vayu-Vata – N God of Magic, Wind and Change
Astarte – NE Goddess of Wrath, Industry and Fire
Orcus – CE God of Death, Strife and Pain

Quasi Deities or Cult Figureheads:
Kain – LE Lord of Vampires and Conquest

Deities of Nosgoth

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