Domains – War (Halberd), Competition, Glory, Inquisition, Retribution

History of the Order
The warrior-priests of the Order of the Sarafan were the military arm of the Pillars of Nosgoth. Organised as an actual army, it had an ordered hierarchy of ranks and combat specialisations.

While not necessarily dedicated to the spread of goodness and/or justice, it did consist of a considerable number of paladins and inquisitors ready to serve the Circle of Nine.

The Sarafan have undergone a number of incarnations over the ages:
The original priesthood exemplified the creed of conflict and would prosecute the circle’s wars against the Vampire race. This incarnation was destroyed when the Elder of the vampire species: Vorador led an assault on the circle itself, resulting in the death of six guardians and the entire upper hierarchy of the Sarafan order.

From this point on, and for the next 300 years, the Sarafan and their broken Guardian Malek, retreated from the world for their mountain bastions at the north of the world, acting as smaller groups of individuals rather than a unified military force.

This was until Malek was sought and defeated by Kain, severing the tenuous religious connection that the Sarafan held with the Circle.

After the fall of the Pillars
The Sarafan would enjoy a second brief renaissance after the fall of the pillars, becoming more of an idealistic organisation than a religious one. This incarnation would rise to become a force to challenge Kain’s young and expanding empire.

However, without the spiritual and financial backing of the Circle of Nine, this new order was alike only in name. Though it could have been said to have been a larger force than it’s previous version and became a complete army capable of conquering nations rather than being an elite core of specially trained priests. Anyone could join, and therefore the standards of training and equipment were vastly reduced. However, this force did manage to keep Kain’s own military at bay.


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