The Broken Pillars

Located not far north of the town of Ziegsturhl, this broken pedestal once was the site of the famed Pillars of Nosgoth.

Nine mysterious columns of white marble that rose up into the clouds, believed to pass upwards into infinity. Each pillar was said to represent a fundamental and universal force which was woven into the fabric of reality:

Nature, States, Energy, Time, Death, Conflict, Mind, Dimension & Balance.

Each pillar was tended to by a guardian, chosen from birth who were referred to collectively as the Circle of Nine. And thus each Guardian was the figurehead of a particular agency which promoted their associated pillar, often in alliance with other agencies but occasionally in conflict with them.

The Pillars themselves had no apparent function and the surrounding terrain was mostly unsuitable for settlement or agriculture. Thus the site itself was largely left abandoned, except in cases where the pillar guardians required to meet each other on neutral ground.

Unfortunately their function and necessity was proven too late as the Pillars themselves toppled shortly after each guardian was killed in turn by the Vampire Kain for reasons yet unknown.

With the destruction of the pillars, the land surrounding it began to twist unnaturally and strange creatures began springing up across the land.

The Broken Pillars

The Fallen Pillars Dark_Angel_2020