The Creator

Domains and Priesthoods
The domains associated with the Creator god depend upon the particular pillar of existence that the priest represents. Each Pillar of Nosgoth has its own distinct branch of the priesthood, with the sole exception of the Pillar of Balance whose sole representative is its Guardian who is also the titular head of all branches of the Priesthood.

The Nine Pillars (and it’s domains are:)
Balance – No domains
Conflict – War (Halberd), Competition, Glory, Inquisition, Retribution
Priesthood: The Order of the Sarafan
Death – Death, Deathbound, Undeath, Suffering, Renewal
Priesthood: Doomguides
Dimension – Travel, Protection, Summoning, Portal, Pact
Priesthoods: Church of the Pillars & Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye
States – Metal, Law, Creation, Magic, Craft
Priesthood: [[Guild of Engineers & Alchemists]]
Nature – Animal, Plant, Earth, Sun, Weather
Priesthoods: Pillar Druids
Energy – Magic, Fire, Wind, Water, Force
Priesthood: the Sorcerer Clans
Mind – Mentalism, Mind, Dream, Madness, Illusion
Priesthoods: the Bleak Cabal & the Mind’s Eye
Time – Oracle, Knowledge, Time, Planning, Fate
Priesthood: [[the Prophets & Diviners]]

History and Dogma

The Construction of the Pillars of Nosgoth predates known civilisation.

The Pillars themselves represent the fundamental forces of the universe and each pillar has a chosen guardian selected from birth to direct and minister to those forces.

While it was inevitable that a cult might have been founded around these individuals, they themselves were guided by an even larger power:

The “Elder God” or “Wheel of Fate” encompasses all of the forces of the cosmos, and administers to all living things. While He does act primarily through his Guardians, he does influence the lives of ordinary people; granting miracles or visions from time to time.

The Church of the Pillars and their Guardians enjoyed an enormous amount of respect and adoration from the population, cementing itself firmly as the predominant religion throughout the history of Nosgoth.

Part of the reason for this widespread success was the administration of eight separate priesthoods who could each appeal to very different demographics, while still applying the same overall teachings and unified beliefs.

While some priesthoods were universally, such as the Pillar Druids serving the Pillar of Nature, or the Warrior-priests of the Sarafan serving the pillar of Conflict. Others were feared such as the Doomguides of the priesthood of Death or the mad Alchemist exploring States, all were one church and worked towards a unified goal.

This goal was perhaps the second reason for the success of the church. It taught that a person need only find their place in the cosmos, to accept it and know peace, therefore joining the wheel of fate and contributing to the balance of the universe.

This lack of strict dogma or religious intolerance would contribute amazingly to the spread and acceptance of the church.

The only true heresy is to deny what life you have been given, for this reason the Sarafan would repeatedly make war with the monstrous Vampires that terrified the population. As Vampires were immortal, only their death could release their soul to return to it’s rightful place upon the wheel.

While the fall of the Church was brought about by the Vampire Kain, it’s true cause came from within.

The last Guardians were stricken with a corruption that caused the physical pillars of Nosgoth to weaken and reduce their powers. With the pillars weakening and the guardians falling into madness, the forces of the universe began to fall out of balance which was the duty of the Balance guardian to correct.

However, Kain’s systematic assassination of the guardians of the pillars caused their priesthoods to fall apart without figureheads. His later empire of Vampires would further weaken the Wheel of Fate bring the world to a state of stagnation and decay.

The pillars eventually toppled, signalling the end to the church as a unified organisation, and while its teachings would endure until the end of time, it would then have to compete with other rising churches that offered greater material gains or more immediate results as the world fell into a state of chaos and savagery.

The Creator

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